TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack – How to Install For Android and iOS

Since the dawn of the amplified reality game called Pokémon Go, the swashbucklers are not only trying to combat the irresistible temptation to play the game, but also to keep themselves cocooned from jeopardizing their life. The location-based game has been made in synchronicity with the real life, such that the virtual player moves only when the human player moves. Let’s sneak into a little brief regarding Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack.


This app is also known as Tutuapp Helper, which is a largely accepted surrogate app store in iOS and android devices. The distinctive quirk taking this app to an upper echelon is, that here the user can be acquainted with the premium games and applications, free of cost. It was the first application to promulgate the re-strategized version, one of the most famed game of its time – Pokemon Go.

The official Pokémon Go game requires the user to move and run around in reality, to make the virtual player run and catch the pokemons. It might sound intriguing to some intrepid ears out there, but the fly in the ointment in this case, is also at par with fame of the game. The game has been the genesis of some dire accidents. Thus, to bridle this major pitfall, the Tutu app revamped the game and came up with a thousand times better version of it.

How TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack Works?

Tutuapp Pokemon go is thousand times better version game which does not require the user to physically move around to play the game. The game comes with a built-in joystick which fabricates an impression of the physical movement of the player, making his virtual part synchronised and working. Means, now you can play this game right in your repose, ‘without even making an actual single move’.

How to Download Pokemon Go in TutuApp:

This is indeed the best game i.e; one would have played so far on his smartphone. Somehow, due to its paramount flaw, the gusto soon alleviated into thin air. Yet if you fancy the game, we have the following two ways for you to proceed and get access to the tutuapp pokemon go hack which is highly invulnerable:

  1. Directly from TutuApp’s Official Site:

Follow these steps below to get the Pokémon go game directly from the official website of Tutu app:

  • Open the browser, go to the official site www.tutuapp.vip.
  • From there, download the new version of Tutu app (or helper), out of the enlisted versions choose from.
  • Download the app and launch “Apps Drawer” in your device.
  • Once done with it, type “Pokémon Go” in the proffered search box.
  • Click the ‘green button’ to download the game.
  • Choose the browser through which the game will be installed and follow the on-screen injunctions.

Wallah! Now you can relish the game and that too, by sticking to your comfort zone.

  1. Using Pokémon Go APK File:

To own the game through this method, there is a pre-requisite, i.e. to enable plonking of the apps from unspecified sources. Here how you can proceed with that:

  • Head to the “Settings” section of your android device.
  • Tap open “Security” or “Applications” option.
  • You will find “unknown sources” in either of these options.
  • Once found, ‘enable’ it.
  • Now, look out for some site that can proffer you with an APK (Android Package) file so that you can avail the game.
  • Download the file and open the apk file that you have downloaded
  • Now you are all set to play the game.

The Final Verdict:

Alike the saying prevention is better than cure, this Tutuapp Pokémon go hack is what stands to be the most innocuous in contrast with the original game that turned out to be a flabbergasting affair for an audacious player.

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