TutuApp Apk for Android, IOS : Ver V2.3.52 [LATEST] Download Free!

Tutuapp is a third party app or service provided to the users through which they can download and install apps free of cost. Yes you read it right all the paid/premium apps are available on TutuApp Apk for free. This App is available for Android users as well as iPhone, iPad & iOS users. This app is same as other apps like Vshare. Tutu app helps you to download and install the cracked versions of thousands of paid apps free of cost. Tutuapp is also known as Bunny Assistant and that’s how it got a rabbit logo. I assume you are here to download it on your android or iPhone, so scroll down this webpage to download.

TutuApp Apk Download for Android:

TutuApp Apk Download
TutuApp Apk Download
  1. Download Tutu App for Android from this link
  2. If you are from an android phone then directly skip to step 5
  3. If you are from a PC/Laptop, You have to transfer that file to your Android phone when the Tutuapp apk file download finishes through a data cable.
  4. Once the apk file of the tutuapp comes to your device search the file on your device and open the file so as to install it on your device.
  5. When you will try to install the apk file the android device will warn you about the unknown sources, so you will have to enable the unknown sources on your device in the settings of your phone. Once you do so again go to the apk file and open it and this time the installation will proceed and the tutuapp will be installed on your Android device Successfully.

Download TutuApp for iPhone/iPad and iOS:

For all the users of iOS and iPhone/iPad read the instructions step by step as mentioned below to download the apk file of the tutuapp on your device,

TutuApp for IOS
TutuApp for IOS
    1. Open Safari browser in your iPhone go to this link.
  1. Click on the above link to install tutuapp on your iPhone directly.
  2. When you see the settings page on your iPhone click on Install button.
  3. Your Safari browser will go to a webpage, then click on Install TutuApp there you need to click on Install again on the popup confirmation message window that shows up
  4. When Settings page opens again, tap Install as shown in the image below. tutapp for iPhone
  5. Once the applications get installed on your device you need to trust the tutuapp profile for which you have to go to your device settings and then select the general setting where you can see profiles and one among them will be tutuapp profiles. Select the profile and trust the application and you are done.

The tutuapp gives a great feature to its users which help them to experience smooth functioning and is easy and quick in its work.

Features of TutuApp Apk:

  • The best feature of the tutuapp is that it provides you to download and install thousands of premium and paid apps for free on your device.
  • Another best feature of the app is that the android users can use the app without root and the Ios users can use it without jailbreak.
  • For those who have the jailbreak, there is another version of the tutuapp file.
  • The tutuapp has come a with a new technology of transferring data which is called the cattle technology. You can transfer the data in between your devices very easily by using the wifi network.
  • The tutuapp also provides you with the cleaning app so that you can speed up your phone and work quickly without any interruption or failure.
  • The tutuapp also provides you with a toolbox with various cool features.
  • The ease of use and performance of the app and well design gives it a plus point in comparison with other such apps.
  • When we talk about the user interface it’s very easy to handle and anyone can use it with ease even at the first go.


So in the above article, we have covered almost everything that can help you regarding Tutuapp. There are many apps which are available which tells the same function of allowing paid and premium apps to run on your device without any charges but they may be not genuine and just be promotional on the internet. Tutuapp will provide you full genuineness and performance with sure results. Use the app and see the results on your own and enjoy all those costly apps, games etc on your device free of cost. Hope the above information is liked by you and help you a lot in knowing about the tutuapp, downloading and installing it.

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