Z Launcher Beta Apk Download – The Most Wanted Launcher!

There’s one true fact that everybody would nod their heads to, in approval. And that is Android is one of the best things that happened to us. Never could we have imagined that this pretty little device we use to connect to other people could turn into a portable computer that fits easily in our pockets. With further blessings from technology like Google Play, we can download any android application to enhance our device skills making it more than just a mobile phone.

Sure you are a proud android owner, but everybody else it having it too. Make your phone stand out from the lot by using home screen or system launcher in your device. With a launcher, you can have customized home screen with shortcuts to different apps in a clean organized fashion, which otherwise looks messy. When you need fewer clicks to open an app, this would automatically save power. You can also have a tailor made design launcher, where you can change the icon designs to suit your personality.

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When it comes to android launchers, Z launcher apk is your best.

Z Launcher Beta APK Download for Android Latest Version:

Z launcher is one of the best android launchers in the market created by the very big-league players of the field, Nokia Company. It was released in 19th June 2014 in the Beta version which strangely exists in market in the same beta status till today. The Z launcher is available in the Beta version of 1.3.6, 1.3.7 and 1.3.8.  Z launcher will create a list of shortcuts to apps based on relevance or how often you use them. So the more you use, the better it will understand your preference. Use your android in style. The coolest feature of Z launcher is, you can scribble a letter on your screen and the launcher shows a list of apps or names in contacts, starting with the letter.

You can easily download the app from Google Play Store. If you are yet to be acquainted with your smart phones, just follow the steps below

Step 1: Open the Google Play app in your phone

Step2: Type ‘Z launcher’ in the search box.

Step 3: Select the app and click ‘install’.

Step 4: Z launcher will ask for permission to access to some features of your phone to get information. C lick on ‘ACCEPT’.

The app is installed within seconds. Now all you need to do is launch it.

Sometimes you might find some issues in downloading the app directly from Google Play. In that case, here’s an alternative method to get the app. You can download the apk file for the app first and then install it from there.

But before you do all that, don’t forget to change your accessibility settings. Here’s how you do it.

  • Go to menus and then settings
  • Select ‘Security’ from the list of personal settings
  • Under device administration, you will find an option to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Turn it on. After downloading the file, you can turn it off.

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How to Download and Install Z Launcher Apk File:

Step 1: Go to apkmirror or apkmonk websites from your android device to download the Z Launcher apk file. You can also go for other trusted servers for the purpose if you want to.

Step 2: Once the apk file is downloaded, tap on it or go to ‘downloads’ part in your browser and select the Z launcher.

Step 3: All the accessibility messages appear on the screen with ‘Cancel ‘and ‘Next’ options below of the screen. Click on ‘Next’ as many times as it asks for.

Step 4: After the above steps are completed, Z launcher app starts installing. This might take a couple of seconds to a minute.


Here you go, now launch the Z launcher app in your device. Just open the app. A page would show up regarding the terms and conditions. Scroll down below and click on ‘ACCEPT’. You will see, the launcher will start immediately. A list of shortcuts to contacts and apps appears on your screen. Swipe justify or right to access the contact list and desired app from the list or draw a letter on the screen to search by initial letter.

Opera Mini Apk Fast Web Browser Download Latest Version

Ever envisaged a world without the internet? No medium to stay in touch with your distant beloveds, no media for instant entertainment, no mode of prompt searches and many such myriad problems would be knocking the door. “Opera Mini” The internet has overpowered not only our life but now has become a queer credo for every existing being. Before learning to speak a toddler learns to steer through the internet. That pretty much sums up our perpetual bond with “the internet”. A goddess technology ameliorating sub technologies every now and then! Its absence will no doubts leave us with a thought, as to how will we further sustain?

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The core of such technology lies in its sub technology called “browser”. A browser is nothing but a trouble shooter for all our trivial to crucial issues. Technically, browser is a place, precisely, an application where any person can look out for anything. Yes! Anything. Accompanied by graphical user interface, a browser helps us to work on the world wide web. Through a browser we can gain access to YouTube videos, Facebook, Instagram, and any information we want to acquaint ourselves with. One such browser is opera mini apk.

What is Opera Mini?

Opera mini is a name of a web browser. Publicly available since 1996, this web browser has not let us down by keeping at pace with the diversifying needs and is currently operating on an exhaustive scale.

This browser not only has been updating at a constant rate but also has all its previous versions preserved and still working. To be at the disposal of every individual, the developer of the browser played real modish; conclusively the browser is accessible not only on a computer or laptop but on mobile phones as well; in the form of opera mini apk.


Opera mini was initially developed for the Java platform only. Sooner the developer laid a heavy hand on the market by making his contrivance available for other platforms like mobiles phones, windows, Linux, Symbian, Blackberry, and for iOS as well.

Salient Features of Opera Mini:

  • It uses cloud acceleration technology. Cloud acceleration is a type of service which ensures data transfer in a snap of time. Basically, this technology ensures data content to reach from one to the requesting node in an instant.
  • It uses data compression technology. Yes! This browser saves your data alongside speedy internet access.
  • The orientation of the web page can be changed in this browser.
  • The browser uses only single type of font that may be altered as “small”, “medium” or “large”.
  • The graphic content can be adjusted as per the user’s requirements. It allows you to set picture quality to “low”, “medium” or “high”.

Tools Used:

  • This browser has pre-added search engines in its address bar. Its saves your efforts to type the name of the search engine.
  • One of its major perk is the ad blocker. When activated, this filters out advertisements sending only the requested content to the user.
  • In addition, it has other features like night mode, bookmarks and history option, downloads option, themes, private browsing, etc.
  • It facilitates the user to create an opera account where he can sign in to synchronise the saved bookmarks, speed dials, tabs opened, etc., allowing its backup as well.

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Latest Version:

Invention of Opera Software AS, the browser has proliferated over the past years and currently has about 37 versions, the latest being “Android: 32.0.2254.123747”, as updated on 2nd January, 2018.

Nowadays we also have opera mini apk. Apk implies “android package”. Yes! We are talking about the mobile version of this invention. Available in 90 distinct languages, this opera mini apk can be used in a whole bunch of mobile phone variants. The browser extends end to end encryptions to its users. Where under, the data exchanged is invulnerable to any sort of risks and insecurities.

This opera mini apk is especially designed for the mobile phone network where the user can enjoy not only blistering net access but also the internet can be used at no or zero cost. One can easily sneak into reviews section, to do away with dubiety, and download this browser in his phone for free and become its beneficiary. Unequivocally, this invention has a blazing future ahead!

Download EMU4iOS Apk for Android and iOS | No Jailbreak Required

EMU4iOS Apk: All the leading operating system administrators, namely Apple handling the iOS and Google managing Android, have set some limits and restrictions to the applications deployed worldwide. These restrictions and screening tests are implied for security reasons. As development of applications on these platforms is pretty easy, we cannot deny the possibility of rogue developers producing apps that are harmful and malware.

And there are many applications which fail the screening tests of Apple and Google, which are not allowed to be placed and installed via their respective app stores. These apps might not be all harmful and malicious but still they are banned because they might be overriding some security features and permissions. These apps can be downloaded and installed externally by manually using the Apk files.

One of the most demanded type of applications is the old – school emulators. These emulators can run the games and software’s which were invented back in the days of its inception. These games are truly classic with the graphics and audio of the olden times. Since the format of those games was different, we cannot run these games directly. We need an emulator for that. There are different emulators which run different games and applications. There are certain emulators which provide screen recording features. But these emulators are not officially permitted to using, and hence we need jail – breaking. Find the best alternative for this lengthy process and install the EMU4iOS Apk.

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Sailent Features of EMU4iOS Apk:

  • EMU4iOS is a very useful app for the classic old school novel and games lover. Especially the famous Nintendo fan club.
  • EMU4iOS has a very simple and lucid design.
  • This app provides very fast and effective emulators running on the device.
  • The app is compatible with the iOS version after iOS 7 until iOS 10. It also supports Android from version 4.4 and up. And adding to that, there is even an EMU4iOS Apk available for windows PC.
  • One of the main reasons of using the EMU4iOS is the option to avoid the jail breaking process. Almost all the emulators need jail broken access to the device so as to manipulate the root files, which is essential for the working of these emulators. EMU4iOS has found a way to bypass the technique which gives it a significant edge over the others.
  • The EMU4iOS hosts several applications to be used via the emulators. There are frequent updates in the games and applications in their local app store.
  • This is a freeware software. Though not open source, you don’t have to pay to use the app or even download the EMU4iOS Apk.
  • The way to avoid jail breaking are critical issues and hence it is exposed to several threats in the process. This is resolved and taken care by frequent security updates and patches by the developer which ensures high protection.

Download the EMU4iOS Apk for Android and iOS Devices:

1. Android

  • Download the EMU4iOS Apk from any third party web site, or from official website emu4ios.org. You will get multiple options to download, choose the correct version depending on the version of Android device you are using.
  • In your file explorer, navigate to the file.
  • Open the file, which will start the installation process right away.
  • In case, if you face any installation blocking by the Android security, go to settings.
  • Find App Management in the settings, or ‘Additional settings’ tab.
  • Check the option which says ‘Install app from unknown sources’
  • Reboot your device and install the application.

2. iOS

  • On your iOS device, go to safari browser.
  • Navigate to ‘emu4ios.org’. You won’t need to download a separate EMU4iOS Apk
  • Wait for the page to be downloaded, click on the UP arrow on the top right corner of the screen.
  • This will load a new page, from the bottom of the screen, you will see range of options. Tap on ‘Add to home screen’.
  • Click on ‘Trust this app’ to complete installation.
  • Once done, you can enjoy the emulator.


The EMU4iOS app needs a strong internet connection to run the emulators. There are different emulators available likeGBA4iOS, SNES4iOS, Delta emulator, etc. But the catch is that, you can deploy single emulator at one time, hence choose it wisely. Have fun with the classic old games by downloading a simple EMU4iOS Apk.

Vidmate Apk Download [Latest Version] for Android OS Devices

Vidmate is the most popular and highly appreciated video downloader application that lets you download songs, video and clips from all popular online services like Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Metacafe and more. It supports downloading of videos all popular multimedia platforms and video sites and supports all mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

This video downloading application allows you to choose the quality of the video prior to downloading it and also supports downloading of HD quality videos online. All videos that you download using Vidmate APK would perfectly fit onto the virtual library of your device and can be organized or sort by its date and name. So, keep reading to know the steps for downloading and installing Vidmate APK on your respective devices.

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What are the Important Features of Vidmate APK?

  1. It lets you download videos in all formats and in HD quality
  2. It allows you to select quality of the video prior to downloading
  3. It helps you to set lower quality of the videos for faster downloading
  4. It enables you to download unlimited videos online
  5. It helps you to download videos from all popular video sites and multimedia platforms
  6. The latest version ensures faster downloading of videos
  7. It consumes very little space as it is small in size
  8. It comes with neat and user friendly interface for easy and smooth downloading
  9. Since it consumes only minimal space of your phone it allows faster downloading on lower end devices
  10. It comes with built-in media player that allows you to watch movies and downloaded videos without the requirement of external media player

Tutorial for Vidmate APK Download on Android:

Vidmate APK is not the officially available video downloader and hence it can’t be found at the Google Play Store. So, all Android users are required to download the application from third part source online. But before that they need to make few changes in their Android device to accept downloading from third party sites. Enable the unknown source option found under the Settings and Security of your device. Go to “Settings” and click on “Security” and scroll down for “Unknown Sources” and enable it.

  • Now go to the website to get the Vidmate APK for download. Ensure to download the latest version of the application
  • Click on the Download button and start the downloading of the APK file
  • Ensure to download the APK file and store it in the SD card of your device
  • Now you need to click on the downloaded APK file stored in the SD card
  • The installation process will start and it may take few minutes to get completed
  • After the installation is over, you need to launch the application by clicking on the shortcut icon created on homepage after successful downloading
  • You can access the videos you want to download and start downloading videos in HD quality for free

Steps for Downloading Vidmate APK on iOS Device:

  • Online you will find the official site of Vidmate APK from there you can download the latest version of Vidmate APK on your iOS device
  • Launch the safari browser and search for the official website and download the IPA file of Vidmate App
  • Store it on your iOS device and make the necessary changes in the device to accept downloading
  • Click on the downloaded IPA file and wait till the installation is over
  • Once the installation of Vidmate APP is over you can click on the icon and start downloading unlimited movies and videos in desired quality

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How to Download Vidmate for PC?

  • To download the Vidmate APK on your PC, you would require a Android emulator like the Bluestacks. It is the popular emulator that lets you download all the Android apps on your PC for free.
  • Download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC
  • Go to the search button of the emulator and type Vidmate APK and hit enter
  • From the search list you need to download the Vidmate APK and wait till it is installed in the PC

Now you can launch the Vidmate APK on your PC through this emulator and enjoy downloading unlimited videos on your PC

TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack – How to Install For Android and iOS

Since the dawn of the amplified reality game called Pokémon Go, the swashbucklers are not only trying to combat the irresistible temptation to play the game, but also to keep themselves cocooned from jeopardizing their life. The location-based game has been made in synchronicity with the real life, such that the virtual player moves only when the human player moves. Let’s sneak into a little brief regarding Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack.


This app is also known as Tutuapp Helper, which is a largely accepted surrogate app store in iOS and android devices. The distinctive quirk taking this app to an upper echelon is, that here the user can be acquainted with the premium games and applications, free of cost. It was the first application to promulgate the re-strategized version, one of the most famed game of its time – Pokemon Go.

The official Pokémon Go game requires the user to move and run around in reality, to make the virtual player run and catch the pokemons. It might sound intriguing to some intrepid ears out there, but the fly in the ointment in this case, is also at par with fame of the game. The game has been the genesis of some dire accidents. Thus, to bridle this major pitfall, the Tutu app revamped the game and came up with a thousand times better version of it.

How TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack Works?

Tutuapp Pokemon go is thousand times better version game which does not require the user to physically move around to play the game. The game comes with a built-in joystick which fabricates an impression of the physical movement of the player, making his virtual part synchronised and working. Means, now you can play this game right in your repose, ‘without even making an actual single move’.

How to Download Pokemon Go in TutuApp:

This is indeed the best game i.e; one would have played so far on his smartphone. Somehow, due to its paramount flaw, the gusto soon alleviated into thin air. Yet if you fancy the game, we have the following two ways for you to proceed and get access to the tutuapp pokemon go hack which is highly invulnerable:

  1. Directly from TutuApp’s Official Site:

Follow these steps below to get the Pokémon go game directly from the official website of Tutu app:

  • Open the browser, go to the official site www.tutuapp.vip.
  • From there, download the new version of Tutu app (or helper), out of the enlisted versions choose from.
  • Download the app and launch “Apps Drawer” in your device.
  • Once done with it, type “Pokémon Go” in the proffered search box.
  • Click the ‘green button’ to download the game.
  • Choose the browser through which the game will be installed and follow the on-screen injunctions.

Wallah! Now you can relish the game and that too, by sticking to your comfort zone.

  1. Using Pokémon Go APK File:

To own the game through this method, there is a pre-requisite, i.e. to enable plonking of the apps from unspecified sources. Here how you can proceed with that:

  • Head to the “Settings” section of your android device.
  • Tap open “Security” or “Applications” option.
  • You will find “unknown sources” in either of these options.
  • Once found, ‘enable’ it.
  • Now, look out for some site that can proffer you with an APK (Android Package) file so that you can avail the game.
  • Download the file and open the apk file that you have downloaded
  • Now you are all set to play the game.

The Final Verdict:

Alike the saying prevention is better than cure, this Tutuapp Pokémon go hack is what stands to be the most innocuous in contrast with the original game that turned out to be a flabbergasting affair for an audacious player.