Download EMU4iOS Apk for Android and iOS | No Jailbreak Required

EMU4iOS Apk: All the leading operating system administrators, namely Apple handling the iOS and Google managing Android, have set some limits and restrictions to the applications deployed worldwide. These restrictions and screening tests are implied for security reasons. As development of applications on these platforms is pretty easy, we cannot deny the possibility of rogue developers producing apps that are harmful and malware.

And there are many applications which fail the screening tests of Apple and Google, which are not allowed to be placed and installed via their respective app stores. These apps might not be all harmful and malicious but still they are banned because they might be overriding some security features and permissions. These apps can be downloaded and installed externally by manually using the Apk files.

One of the most demanded type of applications is the old – school emulators. These emulators can run the games and software’s which were invented back in the days of its inception. These games are truly classic with the graphics and audio of the olden times. Since the format of those games was different, we cannot run these games directly. We need an emulator for that. There are different emulators which run different games and applications. There are certain emulators which provide screen recording features. But these emulators are not officially permitted to using, and hence we need jail – breaking. Find the best alternative for this lengthy process and install the EMU4iOS Apk.

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Sailent Features of EMU4iOS Apk:

  • EMU4iOS is a very useful app for the classic old school novel and games lover. Especially the famous Nintendo fan club.
  • EMU4iOS has a very simple and lucid design.
  • This app provides very fast and effective emulators running on the device.
  • The app is compatible with the iOS version after iOS 7 until iOS 10. It also supports Android from version 4.4 and up. And adding to that, there is even an EMU4iOS Apk available for windows PC.
  • One of the main reasons of using the EMU4iOS is the option to avoid the jail breaking process. Almost all the emulators need jail broken access to the device so as to manipulate the root files, which is essential for the working of these emulators. EMU4iOS has found a way to bypass the technique which gives it a significant edge over the others.
  • The EMU4iOS hosts several applications to be used via the emulators. There are frequent updates in the games and applications in their local app store.
  • This is a freeware software. Though not open source, you don’t have to pay to use the app or even download the EMU4iOS Apk.
  • The way to avoid jail breaking are critical issues and hence it is exposed to several threats in the process. This is resolved and taken care by frequent security updates and patches by the developer which ensures high protection.

Download the EMU4iOS Apk for Android and iOS Devices:

1. Android

  • Download the EMU4iOS Apk from any third party web site, or from official website You will get multiple options to download, choose the correct version depending on the version of Android device you are using.
  • In your file explorer, navigate to the file.
  • Open the file, which will start the installation process right away.
  • In case, if you face any installation blocking by the Android security, go to settings.
  • Find App Management in the settings, or ‘Additional settings’ tab.
  • Check the option which says ‘Install app from unknown sources’
  • Reboot your device and install the application.

2. iOS

  • On your iOS device, go to safari browser.
  • Navigate to ‘’. You won’t need to download a separate EMU4iOS Apk
  • Wait for the page to be downloaded, click on the UP arrow on the top right corner of the screen.
  • This will load a new page, from the bottom of the screen, you will see range of options. Tap on ‘Add to home screen’.
  • Click on ‘Trust this app’ to complete installation.
  • Once done, you can enjoy the emulator.


The EMU4iOS app needs a strong internet connection to run the emulators. There are different emulators available likeGBA4iOS, SNES4iOS, Delta emulator, etc. But the catch is that, you can deploy single emulator at one time, hence choose it wisely. Have fun with the classic old games by downloading a simple EMU4iOS Apk.

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