TutuApp Apk for Android, IOS : Ver V2.3.52 [LATEST] Download Free!

Tutuapp is a third party app or service provided to the users through which they can download and install apps free of cost. Yes you read it right all the paid/premium apps are available on TutuApp Apk for free. This App is available for Android users as well as iPhone, iPad & iOS users. This app is same as other apps like Vshare. Tutu app helps you to download and install the cracked versions of thousands of paid apps free of cost. Tutuapp is also known as Bunny Assistant and that’s how it got a rabbit logo. I assume you are here to download it on your android or iPhone, so scroll down this webpage to download.

TutuApp Apk Download for Android:

TutuApp Apk Download
TutuApp Apk Download
  1. Download Tutu App for Android from this link
  2. If you are from an android phone then directly skip to step 5
  3. If you are from a PC/Laptop, You have to transfer that file to your Android phone when the Tutuapp apk file download finishes through a data cable.
  4. Once the apk file of the tutuapp comes to your device search the file on your device and open the file so as to install it on your device.
  5. When you will try to install the apk file the android device will warn you about the unknown sources, so you will have to enable the unknown sources on your device in the settings of your phone. Once you do so again go to the apk file and open it and this time the installation will proceed and the tutuapp will be installed on your Android device Successfully.

Download TutuApp for iPhone/iPad and iOS:

For all the users of iOS and iPhone/iPad read the instructions step by step as mentioned below to download the apk file of the tutuapp on your device,

TutuApp for IOS
TutuApp for IOS
    1. Open Safari browser in your iPhone go to this link.
  1. Click on the above link to install tutuapp on your iPhone directly.
  2. When you see the settings page on your iPhone click on Install button.
  3. Your Safari browser will go to a webpage, then click on Install TutuApp there you need to click on Install again on the popup confirmation message window that shows up
  4. When Settings page opens again, tap Install as shown in the image below. tutapp for iPhone
  5. Once the applications get installed on your device you need to trust the tutuapp profile for which you have to go to your device settings and then select the general setting where you can see profiles and one among them will be tutuapp profiles. Select the profile and trust the application and you are done.

The tutuapp gives a great feature to its users which help them to experience smooth functioning and is easy and quick in its work.

Features of TutuApp Apk:

  • The best feature of the tutuapp is that it provides you to download and install thousands of premium and paid apps for free on your device.
  • Another best feature of the app is that the android users can use the app without root and the Ios users can use it without jailbreak.
  • For those who have the jailbreak, there is another version of the tutuapp file.
  • The tutuapp has come a with a new technology of transferring data which is called the cattle technology. You can transfer the data in between your devices very easily by using the wifi network.
  • The tutuapp also provides you with the cleaning app so that you can speed up your phone and work quickly without any interruption or failure.
  • The tutuapp also provides you with a toolbox with various cool features.
  • The ease of use and performance of the app and well design gives it a plus point in comparison with other such apps.
  • When we talk about the user interface it’s very easy to handle and anyone can use it with ease even at the first go.


So in the above article, we have covered almost everything that can help you regarding Tutuapp. There are many apps which are available which tells the same function of allowing paid and premium apps to run on your device without any charges but they may be not genuine and just be promotional on the internet. Tutuapp will provide you full genuineness and performance with sure results. Use the app and see the results on your own and enjoy all those costly apps, games etc on your device free of cost. Hope the above information is liked by you and help you a lot in knowing about the tutuapp, downloading and installing it.

TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack – How to Install For Android and iOS

Since the dawn of the amplified reality game called Pokémon Go, the swashbucklers are not only trying to combat the irresistible temptation to play the game, but also to keep themselves cocooned from jeopardizing their life. The location-based game has been made in synchronicity with the real life, such that the virtual player moves only when the human player moves. Let’s sneak into a little brief regarding Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack.


This app is also known as Tutuapp Helper, which is a largely accepted surrogate app store in iOS and android devices. The distinctive quirk taking this app to an upper echelon is, that here the user can be acquainted with the premium games and applications, free of cost. It was the first application to promulgate the re-strategized version, one of the most famed game of its time – Pokemon Go.

The official Pokémon Go game requires the user to move and run around in reality, to make the virtual player run and catch the pokemons. It might sound intriguing to some intrepid ears out there, but the fly in the ointment in this case, is also at par with fame of the game. The game has been the genesis of some dire accidents. Thus, to bridle this major pitfall, the Tutu app revamped the game and came up with a thousand times better version of it.

How TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack Works?

Tutuapp Pokemon go is thousand times better version game which does not require the user to physically move around to play the game. The game comes with a built-in joystick which fabricates an impression of the physical movement of the player, making his virtual part synchronised and working. Means, now you can play this game right in your repose, ‘without even making an actual single move’.

How to Download Pokemon Go in TutuApp:

This is indeed the best game i.e; one would have played so far on his smartphone. Somehow, due to its paramount flaw, the gusto soon alleviated into thin air. Yet if you fancy the game, we have the following two ways for you to proceed and get access to the tutuapp pokemon go hack which is highly invulnerable:

  1. Directly from TutuApp’s Official Site:

Follow these steps below to get the Pokémon go game directly from the official website of Tutu app:

  • Open the browser, go to the official site www.tutuapp.vip.
  • From there, download the new version of Tutu app (or helper), out of the enlisted versions choose from.
  • Download the app and launch “Apps Drawer” in your device.
  • Once done with it, type “Pokémon Go” in the proffered search box.
  • Click the ‘green button’ to download the game.
  • Choose the browser through which the game will be installed and follow the on-screen injunctions.

Wallah! Now you can relish the game and that too, by sticking to your comfort zone.

  1. Using Pokémon Go APK File:

To own the game through this method, there is a pre-requisite, i.e. to enable plonking of the apps from unspecified sources. Here how you can proceed with that:

  • Head to the “Settings” section of your android device.
  • Tap open “Security” or “Applications” option.
  • You will find “unknown sources” in either of these options.
  • Once found, ‘enable’ it.
  • Now, look out for some site that can proffer you with an APK (Android Package) file so that you can avail the game.
  • Download the file and open the apk file that you have downloaded
  • Now you are all set to play the game.

The Final Verdict:

Alike the saying prevention is better than cure, this Tutuapp Pokémon go hack is what stands to be the most innocuous in contrast with the original game that turned out to be a flabbergasting affair for an audacious player.

Vidmate Apk Download [Latest Version] for Android OS Devices

Vidmate is the most popular and highly appreciated video downloader application that lets you download songs, video and clips from all popular online services like Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Metacafe and more. It supports downloading of videos all popular multimedia platforms and video sites and supports all mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

This video downloading application allows you to choose the quality of the video prior to downloading it and also supports downloading of HD quality videos online. All videos that you download using Vidmate APK would perfectly fit onto the virtual library of your device and can be organized or sort by its date and name. So, keep reading to know the steps for downloading and installing Vidmate APK on your respective devices.

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What are the Important Features of Vidmate APK?

  1. It lets you download videos in all formats and in HD quality
  2. It allows you to select quality of the video prior to downloading
  3. It helps you to set lower quality of the videos for faster downloading
  4. It enables you to download unlimited videos online
  5. It helps you to download videos from all popular video sites and multimedia platforms
  6. The latest version ensures faster downloading of videos
  7. It consumes very little space as it is small in size
  8. It comes with neat and user friendly interface for easy and smooth downloading
  9. Since it consumes only minimal space of your phone it allows faster downloading on lower end devices
  10. It comes with built-in media player that allows you to watch movies and downloaded videos without the requirement of external media player

Tutorial for Vidmate APK Download on Android:

Vidmate APK is not the officially available video downloader and hence it can’t be found at the Google Play Store. So, all Android users are required to download the application from third part source online. But before that they need to make few changes in their Android device to accept downloading from third party sites. Enable the unknown source option found under the Settings and Security of your device. Go to “Settings” and click on “Security” and scroll down for “Unknown Sources” and enable it.

  • Now go to the website to get the Vidmate APK for download. Ensure to download the latest version of the application
  • Click on the Download button and start the downloading of the APK file
  • Ensure to download the APK file and store it in the SD card of your device
  • Now you need to click on the downloaded APK file stored in the SD card
  • The installation process will start and it may take few minutes to get completed
  • After the installation is over, you need to launch the application by clicking on the shortcut icon created on homepage after successful downloading
  • You can access the videos you want to download and start downloading videos in HD quality for free

Steps for Downloading Vidmate APK on iOS Device:

  • Online you will find the official site of Vidmate APK from there you can download the latest version of Vidmate APK on your iOS device
  • Launch the safari browser and search for the official website and download the IPA file of Vidmate App
  • Store it on your iOS device and make the necessary changes in the device to accept downloading
  • Click on the downloaded IPA file and wait till the installation is over
  • Once the installation of Vidmate APP is over you can click on the icon and start downloading unlimited movies and videos in desired quality

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How to Download Vidmate for PC?

  • To download the Vidmate APK on your PC, you would require a Android emulator like the Bluestacks. It is the popular emulator that lets you download all the Android apps on your PC for free.
  • Download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC
  • Go to the search button of the emulator and type Vidmate APK and hit enter
  • From the search list you need to download the Vidmate APK and wait till it is installed in the PC

Now you can launch the Vidmate APK on your PC through this emulator and enjoy downloading unlimited videos on your PC

Blackmart Apk v1.1.4 : Download and Install Android Market

Blackmart Apk: Android is one of the most widely used operating systems. Almost half the world use Android based devices and smart phones. Google has done a great job by developing Android and distribution of it as freeware has pulled up its use. As a result, there are many developers who opt to design and develop applications native to Android. Google has simplified this process largely by providing integrated development environments like Android studio. Additional resources like ‘Firebase’ and ‘Intellij’ has further enhanced the cause. There is a huge community dedicated to enriching the experience and helping with any troubles.

All the android apps are hosted on Google play store, which is a market per se. There are certain conditions to be satisfied by the app and by the developer for his application to be available on Google play store. There is a careful screening process of Google that has to be passed by the application. There are factors like user permissions, data collection and harmful software’s that are considered in this test. Though there are millions of applications that make it to the play store, some of the application are not officially released on the play store. These apps land on the Blackmart. Download Blackmart APK and get access to thousands of apps which you never knew about.

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Blackmart Apk and It’s Important Features:

  • Google play store has thousands of apps and games available on the store, while Blackmart has less options to choose from.
  • There are several tests to be passed by the app, before it lands on Google play store. Blackmart has different process for the developer to follow, and it consists of very less screening processes.
  • Many of the apps and games provided on the Google play store are not free. You need to pay before you can use the app. All the apps on Blackmart are free for a cost; some for a premium period of time.
  • Using the Google play store, requires you to have an active Google account and accordingly, some necessary information. This step is completely omitted by the Blackmart. You can use Blackmart app without any account, registration of verification.
  • The applications and games on Google play store may have additional purchases for locked items in the product, as per designed by the developer. Blackmart provides cracked games and unlocked versions of the applications which might not be legal.

How to Download and Install Blackmart Apk:

You cannot, obviously download and install this Blackmart from Google play store, because Google has not allowed the app on play store. But there are several websites which will provide you the Blackmart APK. Downloading and installing this APK in your android device will provide you an alternative to Google play store. Some websites like ‘androidapkfree.com’, ‘getjar.com’ etc., and have the APK files of many android applications, which are free for download.

Some web portals like ‘blackmart.us’ is hosted specially for the Blackmart applications. They provide free downloads for different versions of the app. They have the alpha and beta testing versions of the application as well. There are several mirror sites and they use proxy networks to function.

The Blackmart APK occupies hardly 10 megabytes of space. Download the file and install it on your android device. The installation process will require some time and once install you can use the application easily. The application looks similar to Google play store and has intuitive controls.

Using Google play store will give you access to millions of apps, but there are many paid apps. Blackmart provides those apps for free, which are paid on play store. These premium apps and games are cracked and jail – broken versions of the same app. Blackmart is usually used to try out the premium apps, which might give you a fair idea of the app.


However, since there are no restrictions on the apps to be published on the Blackmart, there are several threats and harmful apps on the market. Even downloading the Blackmart APK might sometimes expose you to cyber-attacks. There are several applications which are termed as harmful and illegal by the play store, which are available freely on the Blackmart.

Download ES File Explorer Apk – Manage All Files at One Place

We love to control everything from one place and a file manager is exactly what it does. You can view, edit, copy, transfer and share files using one single application. A basic in-built file manager does the job efficiently but only till the time your phone can be called ‘brand new’. With time, when you keep adding more and more files, images, apps, documents, audio, videos etc, one tends to lose track. At this point you know you need a replacement. Spare yourself the gruelling process of trying and testing numerous file managers to replace your old in-built file manager as ES File Explorer Apk is undoubtedly the best file manager you can get today.

ES File explorer is more than just a file manager. This powerful app will impress you with its multiple roles. Get access to your applications, documents and multimedia files easily through this app. It is safe and easy to use with its simple user friendly interface. It supports multiple languages, around 30. This popular multi functioning app has a 4.6/5 rating on Google Play with a whooping 500 million users all over the world.

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How to Download and Install ES File Explorer Apk:

You can get this app in your android device in two methods. They are given below. Make sure your Wi-Fi or internet connection is working.

Method 1: Download it on Google Play

You can easily download the latest update of ES File explorer app on Google Play. If you don’t know already, keep reading to follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Open Google Play on your device and search ‘ES File explorer’ in the search box.

Step 2: Select the file and click ‘install’.

Step 3: the app will ask for permission to access files in your device. Click on ‘ACCEPT’.

Then all you have to do is waiting until the installation process is complete.

Method 2: Download ES File Explorer Apk Updated Version

Another easy process to get the app is to download the apk version first and then install the app from there. If Google Play isn’t working, go for this method. Follow the steps below to find out how to download the ES File Explorer Apk file.

Step 1: Do a quick search online for the ES File Explorer Apk file and download it. Make sure to download it from a genuine site as popular apk files are sometimes infected.

Step 2: After downloading, open the apk file, a page appears asking for permission of access. Before you click ‘ACCEPT’, go to settings> security> and turn on ‘unknown source’ to allow downloading from unknown sources if not done already.

Step 3: After clicking ‘ACCEPT’, the app automatically gets downloaded. Open the ES File explorer app to get started.

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Here are plenty of things you can do with ES File Explorer:

As a File Manager:

  • Install/Uninstall applications. Delete or transfer or share them.
  • Play and browse through any file format, be it mp3, mp4, audios, ppts or dox. Browse Bluetooth files.
  • Copy, paste, create folders and rename files
  • Read zipped files or compress normal files. It supports zip and rar format

Remote File Manager:

  • Allows access to remote files from your own device, other device, cloud storage and micro SD card
  • Get access to your PC from phone and manage your PC files from your phone itself
  • Functions as FTP and WebDAV client managing files like you have it in SD card.


  • Clears all cache and junk files.
  • Kills tasks and increases RAM efficiency in just one click.


  • Can create backups.
  • For easy access, it creates shortcuts to your files.
  • Keeps track of the new or recent file opened.
  • Does an estimation of storage space occupied by each of the apps, documents and media files and other. Lets you delete them to clear memory if needed.
  • Works as a root explorer, creeping through all the system files, directories etc.
  • ES smart charge: displays battery and storage status.
  • Works both locally and network connected.

The Final Verdict:

There are a lot of features you can explore in ES file explorer. It makes our stuff so organized that one might wonder if our own lives could be in so much control.